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An independent kingdom since 1143, Portugal established its actual continental borders back in 1297 and is one of the oldest nations in Europe.
Located in southwestern Europe, Portugal is the westernmost country of mainland Europe and is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the west and south and by Spain to the north and east.

Madeira & Azores islands are also part of this safe ancient destination, where traces of a worldwide historic presence may be seen as trademarks of the Portuguese genius.

The Portuguese language became one of the most widely spoken in the world and the Portuguese people were privileged for being exposed to many different civilizations. 
The vast monumental artistic and archaeological heritage does witness not only the 850 years of history of encounters with distant cultures, but also the presence in the territory of more ancient peoples, as the Romans and the arabs.

The natural advantages of a sunny country with diverse geographic features have turned Portugal into a chosen destination for many holidaymakers, an ideal place for practicing (water) sports and playing golf, offering modern tourism facilities, and quaint and personalized means of accommodation, such as cosy Hotels, nice pousadas and ´turismo de habitação´(privately owned homes ranging from wonderful farmhouses to manor houses) and ´hotéis de charme´.

With traditions and architecture stretching back over the centuries lead some people to say that the magic of Portugal along with its climate, makes it a most favourite destination.
A member of the European Union since 1986, Portugal has kept the greatest treasure of a renowned reputation for hospitality that makes the country a heaven of congeniality and safety.

Why Portugal

Some top reasons to visit and revisit us:

- CULTURE: The Portuguese capital, Lisbon is one of the world´s great historical cities with surprising sights, cultural treasures in a beautiful setting - making it a paradise for walkers and photographers.

- LOCATION: Located on the edge of Europe around a 2-hour flight from all the other major European cities and perfect gateway with good connections to all continents.

- CLIMATE: Its mild climate makes it an ideal year-round destination. 

- RESORT: Lisbon is the only European capital located so close to sandy beaches enabling visitors to combine culture with fun by the sea… Ideal for a short city break or a longer romantic stay!

- VARIETY: a wide offer with an incredible variety of tourist attractions ranging from fairytale palaces and historical monuments to world-class golf courses and natural parks and protected areas as well as fun in fancy restaurants, bars, clubs and casinos – one of Europe´s famous casinos is located in Estoril, just outside Lisbon.

- WELCOMING: Portugal is a safe, secure and friendly destination with a cosmopolitan population always ready to give a warm welcome to visitors and their families and open to minorities and different lifestyles.


Boas Notícias – Conde Nast: Portugal, the Best Travel Destination in the World

Portugal was voted the best destination in the world to travel. Among a total of 24 countries, "Condé Nast Traveler", the most prestigious travel magazine in the world, chose Portugal for the first time as the best country to travel in 2013.

Landscape, cuisine and beaches were the aspects that most weighed in jury selection, which still gives particular emphasis to the friendliness of the Portuguese people. "It is a key ingredient," the magazine writes. "The Portuguese seduce us with its charm and friendliness."

Left behind were 23 countries from around the world, among them Argentina, Brazil, United States, India, France, Mexico, Thailand, Morocco, Turkey and Spain.

In five issues, this is the first time Portugal won the category of best country in the annual Condé Nast Traveller Awards (CNT)

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