Lusanova DMC - a trendsetter in tourism!

It is with great pleasure that we introduce LUSANOVA - a privately owned DMC able to organise any land arrangements in Portugal.

During over 50 years in business, our staff has acquired vast experience and shown innovative creativeness in order to fulfill your needs with prompt and adequate solutions.

Our aim is to find the right answer for your clients´ needs and are ready to go the extra mile to ensure that every request is fulfilled.

Last but not least, we assure you an accurate financial management by setting up a detailed budget with you and keeping you updated on a regular basis.

Our DMC’s Special Interest Group Department handles all events related to seminars, openings, incentives, conventions & congresses by finding the right place and the rights ingredients not only for the event itself but also for the pre & post extensions by making original offers ranging from the most simple to the most complex and sophisticated issues such as biking and horse Riding to cultural Events and VIP arrangements... as we do strongly believe that the answer to the ever more demanding travel business is to offer tailor made programs and personalised service.

Briefly, there are things we do and things we don’t:

We do:
Reply non-automatically to your first contact (mail, fax or phone call) within 24 hrs and with a maximum delay of 48 hrs.
Create original programs for all budgets
Give full time assistance during the preparation of the event and the event it-self: on site with inspections trips, off site with a permanent update.
Pay undivided attention to you and your clients – to what is said, the way it is said and what it is meant.
Accurate financial management and keep you updated by reporting to you regularly 
Constantly update our knowledge of the existent offer in Portugal to find the right program for you.

We don’t:
Think of ourselves as always knowing best
Ever let you down


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