The word "Lisbon" has always held a sense of magic and mystery to the curious traveler lexicon.

Lisboa is made up of 7 hills and scattered at the top of each, many amazing views await you. From there you can observe the brightly colored roofs and fassades. The spectacular views from the Castelo de São Jorge and the hilly, cluttered streets of the Alfama and Bairro Alto are a must.

For some wonderful snapshots, spend some time navigating the labyrinth like quarter of Alfama. This neighborhood spanning from the Castle to the river was once a Moorish residential neighborhood. Alfama has influenced poets and novelists and although Bairro Alto is the city´s traditional Fado quarter, it is Alfama that has always been the inspiration for Fado songs. Most of the older residents have lived here all their lives and retain a strong sense of community, although there is now an increasing number of younger people investing in their properties and moving in giving thus origin to an interesting contrast between these timeless images and a quite trendy modern development.

Once in Lisbon, one cannot miss Belém section where the Age of the Discoveries began. Visit the Manueline masterpieces: Jerónimos Monastery and Belem Tower both built in the 16th Century as witness  of Portugal´s golden period. 

Since the international Expo in 1998 and the Euro 2004 soccer tournament redevelopment was increased, however Lisbon’s many charms are still apparent keeping much of the city´s uniquely old and slightly tattered allure.


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